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Black Friday Cyber Monday 2019

Black Friday Cyber Monday 2019

The Black Friday Cyber Monday sale guide is here, and this year, we make it super simple. Simply enter code BFCM19 and get 40% off everything and all orders! (Our Christmas and Holiday Specials are NOT included in this sale)

No minimum purchase required. The sale will start from 29 Nov 00:00 (GMT+8) and ends at the end of Cyber Monday.

The first 20 orders at the start of our 2019 Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale will come with a micro Mirror Charm like below! They come in colours of pastel purple, blue, green, and yellow. A random colour will be selected to go with the orders.

*We will process the Black Friday Cyber Monday orders starting on 3 Dec 2019.*

Celine Li


Celine Li

Is there any iPhone cases for XR. I like your design.

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