Buy 2 Removable Sticker Card Cases Get the 3rd 50% OFF!

Buy 2 Removable Sticker Card Cases Get the 3rd 50% OFF!

From now until further notice, when you buy any 2 of our Removable Sticker Card Cases, you can get the 3rd card case at 50% off!

What's special about the Removable Sticker Card Cases?

For all the card cases in this collection, a piece of removable sticker is being mounted to the back of them, allowing you to attach the card cases using these stickers onto most flat surfaces including our silicone cases.

However, we do not recommend sticking these onto painted walls that has no coating. The function of the sticker will also be affected if the surface is not flat. Avoid using on wet and or oily surfaces. For maximum effectiveness, lightly clean the surface you intend to use it on, before sticking the card cases to it.

Should there be dirt on the sticker, or if you feel like the sticker itself is losing its stickiness, simply rinse it under running water, and it will be good as new again!

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* 50% off of the 3rd card case will be automatically applied when you reach checkout with 3 removable sticker card cases in your cart.

** The discount is automatically applied and it will not be able to combine with other discounts. If you have a discount code you'd like to use, please kindly start a new order. Thank you for your understanding!


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