It's a CANDIES Christmas!

It's a CANDIES Christmas!

It's ALMOST the most wonderful time of the year!

If you are not sure what to get your loved ones and yourself during this holiday season, look no further! For this Christmas, we are bringing you a festive DIY phone case and sticker set!

This set comes with... 

  1. ONE simple red iPhone case (iPhone X/Xs or Xr or Xs Max)
  2. FIVE festive silicone stickers (ONE large Gingerbread Man, TWO small Gingerbread Man, and TWO small Christmas tree)
  3. PVC Bag

What's so special about this set?

The 5 festive sticker icons in this set all have removable/reusable stickers mounted to their backs. These stickers can be reused and to be attached / stuck onto most smooth and flat surfaces without losing its stickiness. You can also lightly rinse the removable stickers when there is dirt or if you feel like there is a decrease in stickiness! You can decorate your phone cases, walls, fridges or anywhere that your heart desires. The only limit is your imagination!

Click to shop this festive DIY set!

Our adorable Gingerbread Man is also available as a Happy Charm!

Click to shop this Gingerbread Man Happy Charm!

Now that you did the work and read our blog post, here is your *reward* - use code "SANTA" at checkout for 15% off for the above Christmas set and Gingerbread Man Happy Charm! 

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