Our pantry re-imagined!

Our pantry re-imagined!

As we are adjusting to our new normals under the impact of COVID-19, the Candies team has re-imagined our pantry favourites during lockdown into phone cases!

When we speak of a late-night supper or a quick breakfast in Hong Kong, instant noodle is always one of the first things that comes into our minds. Especially during COVID-19 when we all made sure our pantry is stocked with packs of noodles.

Top the noodles with a fried egg and some luncheon meat to make it a delicious meal!

This instant noodle case is available for iPhone 11 Pro Max only.
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Macaroni (or Elbow pasta) is another one of our pantry favourite!

Also a famous localised dish in Hong Kong, it is often eaten with hot broth, served with sliced ham and frozen vegetable mix. It is a staple in every Hong Konger's pantry, and one of the favourite breakfasts of our Candies team.

Available for iPhone 11 only - click here to shop!

While the Alphabet pasta is not always a common go-to, a lot of Hong Kongers, including us at Candies, grew up eating them with hot broth as they are tiny and easy to digest.

Available for iPhone 11 Pro - Click here to shop!

What are your pantry essentials? Let us know and maybe we will make them into a phone case!


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