Sleepie in the Old Taipei

Sleepie in the Old Taipei

 Sleepie in Dadaocheng, Taipei

We took Sleepie with us to visit our friend in Taipei last week!
The weather was gorgeous and we spent a nice day with Sleepie in the old Dadaocheng Wharf area.

Dadaocheng was an important point of trade to Taiwan in the past, and was heavily influenced by the Japanese, European Baroque and Fujianese styles from its trading past.

The old streets of Dadaocheng, Taipei has completely transformed into a mixture of the old and the new. 

While wandering through the old grocery stores of Dadaocheng, it's not hard to notice the tasteful new cafes and eateries.

Sleepie getting sweet almond tofu at the Summer Tree Sweet

We sat down at the Summer Tree Sweet and ordered two bowls of sweet almond tofu. Just want you need too cool off the afternoon heat!

Be sure to check this place out for some nice dessert!

Summer Tree Sweet 夏樹甜品

No. 240, Section 1, Dihua St, Datong District, Taipei City, Taiwan 103



Salt Peanuts Cafe and the Peacock Bistro are also two places in Dadaocheng to see the old Taipei. See through the past at the little garden in between the two eateries!

The cinnamon bun at the Salt Peanuts was oh so good!

Don't miss out on their hand drip coffee as well!

Salt Peanuts Cafe 鹹花生

No. 197, Section 1, Dihua St, Datong District, Taipei City, Taiwan



Couple of days since Sleepie is back in Hong Kong and we are already missing the people and the food from Taiwan!

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