We will be discontinuing a few items / collections... :(

We will be discontinuing a few items / collections... :(

To make room for our newer designs, we will be bidding farewell to a few items / collections.
Now will be the time if you'd like to purchase the following pieces before they are seriously gone for good.

1. Seal Stamped Case with Happy Strap

Don't panic just yet - we are not discontinuing our Seal Stamped Handbag cases! It's just that we have been making them for such a long time that we feel like we need to give the Seal Stamped cases a revamp!

In the meantime, shop these cases as we will not be restocking any of them.

2. Seal Stamped Cases with Beaded Chain Strap

Same as the Seal Stamped Case with Happy Strap above, our best-selling Seal Stamped cases with beaded chain straps will also come to an end. We understand that this has been an all time favourite item, but we wish to give them a new look so that they will come back more gorgeous than ever!

 3. Handing Case Series

We truly appreciate your support towards this series!
While we are discontinuing these cases, we are also looking into different designs and production approach towards making a new phone case that shares the same concept of the handing cases.

Click the link below to view all the items that we will be discontinuing:



Comment below if you have any suggestions for new cases and other silicone accessories!

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