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Candies® emphasizes on fun & mischief.
Fascinated by the notion of loud, flourishing colours, Candies® products are often surprising, astounding and happy. Our mascots ‘Sleepie’, ‘Massage Hero’ and ‘Massage Woman’ often appear in our promotions.

Candies® believes strongly on the element of fun and the unexpected! So Be Fun! Be Candies!

270 results
Happy Charm - Pearl and Tassel
Sleepie Cushion
Sleepie Cushion
$ 45.00 USD
Big Kiss Silicone Bag with Long Metal Chain
Silicone Marble Heart Mats (Pack of 2)
Silicone Big Heart Mat Set (Pack of 6)
Fruits iPhone Case and Play Icon Set
iPhone XS Max - Pink Rainbow Handbag Case
Pink AirPods Case - Sea Horse
Yellow AirPods Case - Sea Shell with Pearl
White AirPods Case - Dolphins in Love
Tie Dye AirPods Case with Rainbow Charm
Summer Party Strap
Summer Party Strap
$ 20.00 USD
iPhone X/XS Marble Handbag Case - (WOW/Pink)
iPhone XR Marble Handbag Case - (WOW/Pink)
Happy Charm - MerMeow
Happy Charm - MerMeow
$ 16.00 USD
iPhone XS Max Marble Handbag Case - (WOW/Pink)
Happy Charm - Little Mermaid
Happy Charm - Rainbow Unicorn
270 results
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