iPhone X/Xs Glittery Seal Stamped Case with GOLD Pearl Strap

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iPhone X/Xs Glittery Seal Stamped Case with GOLD Pearl Strap

Limited to this holiday season, our Glittery Seal Stamped Case is limited in quantity and will not be restocked once they are all gone!

This case's body is white with infused silver glitters, making this the perfect case for this winter and holiday season!

There are two Pearl Straps available for selection, click HERE to check out the Pearl Strap in WHITE!

  • Made of high quality silicone rubber
  • Protects your phone from scratches
  • Strap consists artificial pearls
  • Fit for iPhone X and Xs ONLY

Size: 21 x 15 x 1.5cm
Weight: 134g

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