A Guide to Our Reusable Stickers

Since the release of iPhone X, we have been receiving concerns regarding the narrow bezel of the phone's screen. Therefore we have started to introduce the use of reusable stickers inside some of our phone cases, especially those that come in handbag designs.

The purpose of this sticker is to keep your phone intact with the phone case.

We urge you to make use of this sticker whenever it is available within the phone case you receive from us. While we cannot control the narrowness of the iPhone's bezel, this sticker serves to keep your phone intact with the phone case you purchased from us.

To use, make sure the back of your phone is dry and clean. Then peel off the top plastic layer of the sticker inside the phone case, and stick the back of your phone onto it.

If not in use, have it covered so that it does not attract dust and dirt, or even drying out. If there are dust and dirt on the surface of the sticker, rinse it under running water. Water will not affect the stickiness of the sticker.

Apart from installing the reusable stickers inside our phone cases, we also use them on little silicone icons. Decorate with these silicone icons on flat surfaces!