About us

Founded in 2007, Oracle Gifts Limited is a Hong Kong based company, which engages in the production and sale of silicone rubber products, including gadget accessories, fashion accessories, gifts, houseware, educational toys, baby products and more.

We are committed to high standards in materials and production and strives for product excellence and design originality.

Encouraging original designs, Oracle Gifts Limited has created brands across the years to suit different tastes and styles. Our portfolio of brands include: Candies, Cliché, and ENFILL.

Candies emphasizes on fun & mischief, our designs are influenced by the notion of loud, and flourishing colours. Often seen in our promotions, our mascot Sleepie is always drowsy, sweet and cute! Massage Woman and Massage Hero are also our Candies mascots. Be sure to follow them and our creative journey towards designing fun silicone accessories!


Sleepie is Candies' most infamous mascot, with a variety of different styling every season. Not just phone cases, Sleepie also has it's own merchandises such as place mats and cushion!


Cliché is inspired by the elegance and femininity for the modern lady, blending classic designs with bright coloured silicone. Cliché hopes to brings a modern touch to vintage design, to create extraordinary products from the normal; to create a bold fashion statement of sophistication and chic-ness.

Our iconic Seal Stamped Case design is often spotted in the hands of celebrities and fashionistas! Comes in the shape of a handbag, our Seal Stamped cases free up your hands and at the same time is a statement piece that can style up your outfit!


ENFILL features eye-catching and exuberant statement pieces. We hope you can accessorise your Look of the Day with our gorgeous pieces. ENFILL's bold statement pieces will certainly make you the centre of all attention!

Much of ENFILL's silicone iPhone cases are bright and colouful for you to style up your daily outfit with just one single accessory.


OEM / ODM Services Available!
Apart from our own brands, we also provide OEM and ODM services to various fashion brands and houses.

Please reach out to us at marketing@oracle-gifts.com and let us know your design and projected volume.

It will also be helpful to us that you attach a business profile of yours to us for initial review.