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Candies x Skoloct iPhone 7 Case

SKU: OR34862-PP01(A)

Candies x Skoloct iPhone 7 Case

Candies has teamed up with Skoloct and created this eye-catching piece for your iPhone 7!

  • Made of high quality silicone rubber
  • Protects your phone from scratches

Size: 160 x 115 x 15cm
Weight: 195g

About Skoloct: 

A mysterious life form that is born in Harajuku, Tokyo.
It is a strange creature by the name of SKOLOCT!

He has big ears to listen to the sincere words, Google eyes to recognize the world for what it is, A wide mouth to pack everything away, and three mighty claws to rip the
fakes into shreds.

SKOLOCT has seen many things in the world of humans.

Things such as bright spots, pathetic sights, happy occasions, and things flare-up!

Beautiful things, unfair and nasty things, rightful cause, wrongdoing and none of those matters.

Humans are complex creatures.

SKOLOCT started out on a journey.

On days of rain, shine, clouds and snow.

Toddling along his long, long way.

He is on the journey to find “the truth”.

Walking on a globe, SKOLOCT travels across many countries and leave its mark all around the world.But not everybody can meet SKOLOCT.

SKOLOCT only pops up alongside of “travelers” searching for “the truth”.

Sharpen your senses and you’ll feel SKOLOCT right beside you.

(Text by Yuichiro Tanaka)

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