Chinese iPhone Case & Play Icon Gift Set

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Chinese iPhone Case & Play Icon Gift Set

Our Chinese iPhone Case and Play Icon Gift Set are available for iPhone X/Xs, iPhone Xr and iPhone Xs Max. Each set will include - 

  1. ONE Red Simple Case
  2. ONE Red with glitters Handbag Case
  3. 8 random Chinese Lucky Play Icons with removable stickers 
  4. ONE Red PVC packaging bag

There are a total of 12 different Chinese Lucky Play Icons - 8 will be selected randomly to go with this gift set! With the removable stickers on the back of the Play Icons, they can be attached not only onto our phone cases, but also many other flat surfaces. Be fun and start decorating!

The stickers can be rinsed with running water if there are dirt or the adhesiveness is losing. The adhesiveness should be restored after rinsing. No harsh chemicals, please!


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