Continued Delivery Delays and Disruptions during COVID-19

Continued Delivery Delays and Disruptions during COVID-19


We are still experiencing continued disruptions and delays regarding international deliveries due to COVID-19.

There has been a drastic decrease in international flights/freights, resulting in the suspension of an array of relatively more economical delivery options.

Our delivery options you see at checkout are generated automatically with our shipping service provider, showing you the realtime options.


Should you need any further assistance, we are always here to help.
You may contact us on our site live chat; email us at; DM us on IG @candiesgifts; Facebook @CandiesHK; or Whatsapp us at +852 66298832.

***2 Dec 2020 Shipping Update***
As we are seeing an ease in shipping surcharges internationally, we have reduced the minimum for international free shipping down from USD$200 to USD$300.

All orders to Hong Kong still enjoy free shipping regardless order amount, and free shipping for orders to Taiwan when order amount reaches USD$50.

As for our U.S. clients, we have introduced a new UPS service that's cheap, fast, and with detailed tracking. Free shipping available when order amount reaches USD$150. Click here for more!
***2 Dec 2020 Shipping Update***

We are all in this together. Please stay safe and healthy! 

Celine Li

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