New Summer Happy Charm with Tote Bag Set

New Summer Happy Charm with Tote Bag Set

It's summer time and we are releasing some dazzling Happy Charms for the season!

Our new MerMeow and Little Mermaid Happy Charms are dreamy, magical and delightful! 

Happy Charm -MerMeow (Click to Shop)

The MerMeow Happy Charm is magical and cheery. It features 2 Swarovski Star Crystals! The crystals are delicate so we suggest that you use it with care and keep it out of reach from children.

Choose to purchase this charm only, or purchase a combo set that comes with our Little Mermaid cotton tote bag!

Sweet and enchanting, the new Little Mermaid Happy Charm features a Swarovski Star Crystal. Shop this new Happy Charm on it's own, or get the combo set that comes with a Little Mermaid cotton tote bag. Aren't they a perfect match for summer?!

Happy Charm - Little Mermaid (Click to Shop)


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