Get our new PVC Crossbody Bag for FREE!

Get our new PVC Crossbody Bag for FREE!

Get our new PVC Crossbody Bag for FREE!

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, carrying masks, wipes, and hand sanitizers has become the new norm. The idea behind this PVC Crossbody bag is to create a bag that can be rinsed and wiped down, with a size that is perfect to hold all sanitizing products when we leave the house.

We hope that this bag can hold everything you need and bring you peace of mind. 

While this bag can be purchased at USD$15, you may also get this PVC bag for FREE when you shop USD$60 or more with us!

A free PVC bag will be added to your cart automatically when your cart reaches $60. If you don't see it in your cart, please reach out to us and we will make sure that there will be one included in your order.

* 1. To be eligible for a free PVC bag, your order amount must reach USD$60. This also applies to your order amount AFTER the application of any discount codes.

* 2. The shipping cost is not counted towards your order amount.

* 3. Each order will only come with ONE free PVC crossbody bag after reaching USD$60.

The outbreak of COVID-19 is impacting our deliveries. You may read more via the link below. We apologise for the delays and limited shipping choices at checkout.

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